Air Spring to Coil Spring Conversion Kits

If you face problems with your existing air ride suspension, consider a Air to Coil conversion kit for your vehicle. Many factory made air suspension that come with a variety of different applications offer great ride quality and adjustability for all types of terrains and road conditions. But often these air ride suspension systems are costly to maintain. That is why many owners will look to an alternative to these suspensions setups such as the conversion kits to coil springs. The conversion kits provide a more maintenance friendly system that give you the durability you need with longevity for your vehicle without take a bite out of your wallet. The kits include bypass modules to override any warning messages on your dash from a result of the Air suspension. 

Monroe brings this to life with their innovative conversion kits and backed by their supreme quality and knowledge when it comes to suspension of more than 100 years. 

Air to coil conversion kits will give you back your comfortable ride and ride height to make you feel confident in your vehicles abilities again, without the hassle of expensive maintenance and hard to come by parts. Plus if there are any problems in the future with the kits, they are much easier to maintain and service as compared to the manufacture required tools and parts required for air suspension. 

The Factory Air bags are replaced with variable rate coil springs. If you are done with leaking air bags, warning messages, uncomfortable ride feelings, sagging ride height, and multiple and expensive failing air components, than these conversion kits are exactly what you need. 

Benefits of Air to Coil Suspension conversion kits:

Cost- save money on future repairs bills with a simpler and more convenient suspension setup.

Convenience- Many automotive shops will be able to service and get the necessary parts needed for your vehicle.

Reliability- There are less parts and complexities as coil springs are a simple and more resilient suspension setup. 

The Downside:

The real downside of these kits are that you will lose the adjustability of your suspension on your vehicle whether manual or automatic. 

There are many Applications, See if we carry a kit for your make/model:

Land Rover

If you have any inquires or are looking for a conversion kit feel free to email us at or give us a call at (416) 898-2925 so we can find your exact conversion kit for your vehicle application.