Lift Kits & Lowering Springs

Looking for a custom Lift kits or a custom setup for lowering your vehicle?

We work with multiple brands to get you the desired look and functionality you want and deserve.

We use major brands such as Bilstein, Rough Country and genuine parts to give a long lasting finish product and look to keep you happy and out of the repair shop.

We know suspension and always strive to make sure every vehicle is properly performing to its requirements and also able to go to the extremes, whatever that may be for your specific needs.

Our expertise of over 25+ years paired with extensive knowledge on heavy duty suspension systems for major truck brands lets us come up with innovative ideas to help fuel your imagination in a practical way.

Our services for this include:

-Leveling Suspension

-Add a Leaf to your Suspension

-Lift Blocks

-Lift Kits

-Lowering Kits

-Off-road/ Heavy duty shock install