Bolts, Nuts, Washers

We also can supply a variety of different nuts, bolts, & washers for any use you may have. We have a large inventory of heavy duty bolts/nuts/washers for many different applications. Quality and a great price, give us a email of call for your bolts/nut/washers inquires at or 416-898-2925.

Some options we carry:

Bolts: Hex bolts, U-bolts, Self Drilling, Carriage bolts, Lag bolts, Hanger Bolts, elevator bolts, Square Head bolts. (Course, Fine, & Metric options as well)

Nuts: Hex, Heavy Hex, Nylon insert Lock, Jam, Nylon insert jam lock, wing, Cap, Acorn, Flange, Square, Lock nuts, K-lock, Coupling, Slotted, Caste