Superlift K1000

Superlift K1000

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Lift Kit Suspension; Superide; 1-1/2 To 2-1/2 Inch Front Lift; 1-1/2 Inch Rear Lift; With Front And Rear Superide Shock Absorbers In Kit; Black Components/ Black Shock Absorber; With Front Torsion Keys/ Rear Lift Bocks And U Bolts/ Installation Hardware

Product Description

Superlift's Level 1 lift kit provides a moderate leveling kit for the front suspension, a rear block and U-bolt kit plus a set of four (4) Superlift shock absorbers. Priced much less than traditional taller lifts, Level 1 lift kits are perfect for those looking for more than a leveling kit. Level 1 lift kits will provide your truck with the clearance needed to run larger tires and instantly transform your truck from stock to stud. In these IFS torsion bar models, the front tires attach to steering knuckles. The knuckles pivot on ball joints attach to upper and lower control arms. The upper and lower control arms position the knuckles front-to-back and side-to-side. The ‘spring’ of the suspension is a torsion bar. The torsion bars have a tremendous pre-load or ‘twist’ in them. The torsion bars are what determine the ride height of the suspension. These torsion bars have a certain amount of adjustment built into the factory system, but simply ‘cranking up’ the factory system will cause a harsher ride. The front of the torsion bar attaches to the lower control arm and rear attaches at a rear frame crossmember. This crossmember houses the adjuster or torsion keys. Torsion bar keys have hex-cut (or splined) holes that mate to the rear ends of the torsion bars. This adjustment takes place via a bolt that indexes on a torsion key attached to each torsion bar.

Features & Benefits

  • SUPERLIFT’S Heavy-Duty Forged-Steel Construction Torsion Keys Are 25 Percent Stronger Than OEM Keys
  • Provided 1.5 Inch To 2.5 Inch Of Adjustable Lift Height
  • New, Strong 10.9 Grade Metric Hardware Is Supplied To Prevent ‘Over-Cranking’ The Torsion Bars
  • Ideal For Restoring Height Lost From Heavy Front Bumper, Winch And Bumper Combo Or Snow Plow
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Front Lift Amount (IN): 1-1/2 To 2-1/2 Inch
  • Rear Lift Amount (IN): 1-1/2 Inch
  • Front Lift Type: Torsion Bar Key
  • Rear Lift Type: Blocks And U-Bolts
  • Shocks: With Front And Rear Superide Shock Absorbers In Kit
  • Color: Black

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